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Rugs and carpets from the Caucasus : the Russian collections,
Liatif Kerimov en bijdragen van: Nonna Stepanian, Tatyana Grigoliya en David Tsitsishvili.

Een vrij onbekend werk, vertaald uit het Russisch. De auteur is specilist op het gebied van Kaukasische tapijten. Dit boek bevat veel wetenswaardigheden en tal van prachtige platen van antieke tapijten uit de Russische collectie.

"The Caucasus, with its chequered history and its mixture of ethnic groups and religious creeds, has produced over the centuries an equally varied and fascinating range of carpets and rugs.
The region, comprising the present-day Soviet Republics of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Daghestan, has a tradition of carpet weaving dating back to pre-historic times. Azerbaij anian carpets with their exquisite patterns, brilliant colours and fine craftsmanship form the nucleus of the Caucasian carpet collections in regional and national museums in the Soviet Union. The other regions evolved their own individual styles--the Georgian pileless carpets, notable for their elegant colouring, the Armenian dragon carpets with their decorative animal motifs, the flat-weaves from Daghestan, remarkable for their pliability and expressive ornamentation. Interest in Caucasian rugs and carpets has increased significantly in recent years, but books on the subject are relatively rare. The authors of this new book are all experts in their field in the Soviet Union, and they aim to provide a detailed analysis of the various types of Caucasian carpet and the skills and artistry involved in their making, by examining a large selection of typical exhibits from the museums of Baku, Makhachkala, Yerevan, Tbilisi, Moscow and Leningrad, as well as some from private collections. Many of the carpets, all beautifully illustrated in colour and black and white, have never been seen outside the Soviet Union, nor have they been studied before with such authority and in such detail. Rugs and Carpets from the Caucasus will provide an invaluable source of reference, information and pleasure to all carpet scholars, collectors, dealers and interested laymen."
180p, 29 * 21 cm, 127 afbeeldingen, 99 in  kleur.