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Tribal Rugs,  A Complete Guide to Nomadic and Village Carpets Rugs

Dit boek van Opie is een vrij wetenschappelijke verhandeling over de zogenaamde dierkopmotieven in Nomadentapijten. De vele kleurenplaten en bijgevoegde beschrijvingen geven veel informatie over de herkomst van deze tapijten.  Onderstaand de flapinformatie zoals deze is gedrukt op de stofomslag.
Tribal Rugs is a lively and comprehensive survey of the weavings of the nomadic peoples of Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia. James Opie has been traveling among the tribes of these regions since 1970, and his book describes the ancient roots of tribal weaving and the developments and significante of the common patterns and traditions which they display. From an examination of the Pazyryk rug, the oldest complete piece of complex design, worked nearly two and a half thousand years ago and uncovered in the grave of a Siberian chieftain, Opie traces the links with subsequent weavings. He follows the history of ancient and traditional designs right up to the present day, illustrating these with diagrams which enable the reader to identify the relationship between the different patterns.
James Opie is adept at conveying the excitement of tribal rug art and at sharing an expertise in this subject while remaining accessible to his readers. His discussion of the origins of tribal weaving patterns, in particular, breaks new ground.
This book has firmly established itself as the foremost survey of tribal rugs in the field. This edition features improved color plates, as well as many maps, drawings and pictures of the tribes.

James  0pies 's interest in Oriental rugs began with his first trip to Iran in 1970. Driven by a strong interest in Persian architecture as well as tribal and village rugs, he visited urban, village and nomadic settings, meeting weavers from remote areas, dyers who still remembered old vegetal-dye formulas, and scores of experienced rug dealers.
Tribal Rugs of Southern Persia, Opie's first book, was published in 1981. He was awarded the Joseph V. McMullan Award in 1993 for scholarly contributions in the field of Islamic textiles. The author continues to manage his Oriental rug business, based in Portland, Oregon, which specializes in decorative carpets, as well as fine nomadic and village rugs. He lives in Portland with his wife, Catherine.

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Tribal Rugs,  A Complete Guide to Nomadic and Village Carpets Rugs