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Oriental Rugs an introduction

The rugs of Persia, Turkey, and many other countries of Muslim Asia constitute one of the richest seams of art anywhere in the world-and it is an art that can be part of one's home, adding character and distinction to even the smallest room. But the infinite variety of styles, sizes, and prices, as well as the difficulty of assessing value and authenticity, frequently intimidates the inexperienced purchaser. Here, at last, is a simple but serious introduction for the novice, providing a complete overview of the subject in a well-organized, easily followed text. Expert Gordon Walker explains the vocabulary of rugs, the techniques of identification, how rugs are made, the great families of rug styles, and the pitfalls that await the unwary buyer. A most welcome guide, complete with a color-coded chart to help with decorating schemes and 200 fine color photos.

gebonden, 224 blz.,  200 afbeeldingen in kleur, prijs 20 dollar (gebruikt)
Oriental Rugs an introduction